PAVEL KRATINA's Research Group


Welcome to the research site of Dr Pavel Kratina, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Ecology at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London.

Our research evaluates the roles of multiple environmental perturbations (e.g. climate warming), foraging behavior, and other organismal traits on the complexity, structure, and dynamics of communities and ecosystems. We seek to develop a mechanistic understanding of processes that control species diversity and its consequences for ecosystem function and services. Our work spans a range of approaches to testing eco-evolutionary hypotheses, including manipulative experiments (in microcosms, chemostats, bromeliad phytotelmata, and mesocosms), theory, and integrative analysis of time series data from diverse natural systems such as ponds, lakes, estuaries, and tropical rain forests. Although we focus on aquatic food webs, the questions and approaches are broadly applicable across ecosystems.